lightstock_73329_max_holly_Your world is crazy.
You have task lists a mile long,
Your new job is taking more time than you expected it to,
Your children’s homework schedules are more complex than ever,
And your marriage is on the fritz.
Meanwhile you have a million personal problems to worry about,
You feel like you are going no where with your life,
And it seems like there is no hope for anything to change.

But your past does not have to define your future.
There’s always redemption,
Which means there’s always a better day.
There is hope and rest for you in the presence of God.
You can experience the life changing power of Jesus Christ
That will bring order to your crazy world,
That will give you a purpose,
That will give you hope.

It does not matter if you have never prayed or opened the Bible
Or if you were raised in the church;
If you don’t have any faith,
Or believe that you can command a mountain to move;
God is lovingly pursuing you
So that you can experience His life changing hope and offer that same hope to others.

When you walk into a Sunday morning service
Or attend a Wednesday night Bible study
You will experience something far different from what you have ever experienced.
You will have an encounter with the Almighty.
And that encounter will change your life.
It will give you hope.

At Gospel Gateway, we’re learning to serve and worship God with all that we are.
None of us are perfect,
But we’re each on a journey to learn all that God has for us.
We encourage you to jump in with your whole heart,
At your own pace,
And experience the life that awaits you.
Because it’s a life full of love, joy, peace, and hope.

-Louis and Madeline Philbrook